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Community Activities


Everything that has not been included in the official lecture programme can be found here: community meetings, workshops, spontaneous sessions and much more.




Fans of open space formats can occasionally make a detour to the Unconference which runs parallel to the conference programme on all three conference days – naturally with slots designed by the participants or sponsors.

Make your desired topics public at the DOAG booth – as soon as enough participants have gathered for a topic, the Unconference will start.

  • Unconference
  • Tuesday to Thursday
  • All Day
  • Press Center, First Floor
  • Schedule Poster at DOAG Booth, First Floor


Welcome to the most relaxed area of the conference! The DevZone invites you to planned meetings as well as unexpected encounters. A perfect retreat for relaxed networking or working. If you prefer it action-packed, you will get your money's worth here, too: Grab a controller and challenge other participants to a Mario Kart duel! 

  • DevZone
  • Tuesday to Thursday
  • All Day
  • Foyer Hong Kong, First Floor

NextGen Community


Mario Kart Tournament

Let the tires squeal and reminisce! The Mario Kart Tournament in the DevZone is all about having fun. You can register for the tournament and practise on Tuesday. The main phase will take place on Wednesday and the finals will be held on Thursday. Participate and get a chance to win cool prizes! All tournament times can be found in the conference program soon. 

  • Mario Kart Tournament
  • Tuesday to Thursday
  • Foyer Hong Kong, First Floor

Development Community


APEX Open Mic Night

Clear the stage: Everyone has their say at the APEX Open Mic Night! All participants will have five minutes to present their own exciting APEX projects to the group and exchange experiences. Beer and finger food are available – the only condition: have fun!

  • APEX Open Mic Night
  • Wednesday, 8:30 - 10 pm
  • Istanbul, Second Floor

PL/SQL Community Meeting

This year's meeting of the PL/SQL community will consist of three parts. In the first part, as usual, there is a brief review of 2018 and an outlook for 2019, followed by the "PL/SQL Wish List", where everyone can present their personal desired feature for SQL, PL/SQL, DB programming and modeling in five minutes. A panel discussion entitled "The "Pink" and "Smart" and Database Paradigms – What on Earth are Philipp and Bryn Talking About?" will round off the meeting.

For the "PL/SQL Wish List", we have created a mailing list you can send your desired features and ideas to before the conference: PLSQLwishlistdoagorg

  • PL/SQL Community Meeting
  • Wednesday, 5 pm
  • Hong Kong, First Floor

Infrastructure and Middleware Community


Zero to FaaS – Unleash the power of Serverless Functions with hosted and open source Fn

In this workshop, you will learn about Serverless Functions as a Service using the open source Fn (, and a hosted version of Fn running in Oracle Cloud. You will see how easy it is to build, test and deploy your first function in minutes. You will use Fn to develop and deploy functions locally and to the hosted Fn running in Oracle Cloud. You will develop functions in various popular languages – Java, Go, Node and more.

  • Workshop: Zero to FaaS
  • Thursday, 9 - 11 am
  • Foyer Oslo/Istanbul, Second Floor