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DOAG 2019 Exhibition - 100% Target Group Accuracy

In a topic-specific environment, you have direct personal contact with trade professionals and you can benefit from the networking among Oracle users to establish contacts and reach your target group directly. More than 2,000 people associated with Oracle attend the DOAG Conference + Exhibition.

Become an Exhibitor:

Select the preferred exhibitor- and sponsorship package.

Contact Mrs. Al-Youssef or Mr. Trebes and reserve the stand location.

You can book your stand easily online.

Handbook for Exhibitors and Sponsors

More information regarding stand configuration and marketing opportunities can be found in the handbook for exhibitors and sponsors.

Exhibiton Packages

6 sqm

Full package incl. stand construction€ 4,100 

Exhibition space only: € 3,900 

  • Exhibitor Stand Passes: 
  • Vouchers for a 35% Discount Conference Ticket:
  • Company Profile on our Media Channels:

9 sqm

Full package including stand construction: € 5,500

Exhibition space only: € 5,200 

  • Exhibitor Stand Passes: 
  • Vouchers for a 35% Discount Conference ticket:
  • Company Profile on our Media Channels:

    12 sqm

    Full package incl. stand construction€ 6,500 

    Exhibition space only: € 6,200 

    • Exhibitor Stand Passes: 
    • Vouchers for a 35% Discount Conference Ticket:
    • Company Profile on our Media Channels:


    14 sqm

    Full package including stand construction: € 7,000 

    Exhibition space only: € 6,600 

    • Exhibitor Stand Passes: 
    • Vouchers for a 35% Discount Conference Ticket:
    • Company Profile on our Media Channels:


    You can find available stand spaces in the exhibiton map. Please contact Carmen Al-Youssef or Marcel Trebes and allocate your preferred placement.

    Booth construction

    You have the opportunity to book a full package including booth construction. With partition walls, furniture, electrical connection and light the exhibition space is ready for occupancy. You will also receive W-LAN access exclusively for exhibitors.

    Information full package with booth construction

    Add-ons such as electricity, DSL, furniture, flower arrangements, security and stand cleaning (in the morning, before opening) may be commissioned with our stand construction partner. When locating your stand towards the balustrade of the atrium, branding of the back wall (e.g. your logo) is possible upon request for an extra charge.

    Booking supplementary equipment

    For selected exhibition spaces the area of the booth can be expanded (for € 300 per sqm) by the highlighted area in the exhibition map.

    The maximum height for the booth is 250 cm (97.5 inches). Unless there was another height confirmed individually. All costs for setting up the booth have to be paid by the exhibitor. Fixing of material to walls, columns and grounds is not allowed. Plans of stand construction should be submitted by September 27, 2019 at the latest to our booth builder S.K. Messebau GmbH, Mrs. Almut Kiechle-Angst for drawing instruction.

    The ground in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor in the exhibition there is a grey carpet. Should you need a separate carpet a special anti-sliding fleece should be laid under.

    Besides the floor should be masked at the edges. Remains and adhesive tapes must completely be removed without residue. Otherwise costs for special cleaning will be charged.

    Please also consider the Guidelines of NCC Nuremberg and the terms and conditions for exhibitors when planning your booth.


    Details of the exhibition packages

    For your staff, you get the amount of booth passes that are included in your booked package. The exhibitor stand pass enables access to the exhibition and all keynotes, participation at the evening event as well as all catering areas. Access to lecture slots is not included. Additional passes can be purchased via the ticket registration.

    For your clients or colleagues you will get vouchers for the acquisition of a conference ticket at a 35% discount. The amount depends on the package that you have booked. These and other tickets can be purchased through the registration. The vouchers will be sent by e-mail. Select the tab "Dues" to pick a ticket and enter the voucher code in the appropriate section, the ticket price will automatically be reduced.

    • Your company logo will be included in the program brochure (100,000 pieces, enclosure in Computerwoche, iX and RedStack magazines).
    • Your company profile will be published on our website.

    Please make sure you meet the required deadlines. 

    Special promotions like beverage service, photo or film recordings, a walking act or artist have to be approved by DOAG and require a permit. We welcome proposals for sponsoring or special actions during DOAG Conference + Exhibition, e.g. a tombola. Please inform us about your plans and ideas. 


    • June 3rd, 2019
      Deadline for the right of first refusal expires. Exhibitors from the previous year can book the same placement up to this date.
    • June 3rd, 2019
      Deadline for submission of your presentation offer.
    • June 28th, 2019
      Submission of your logo Publication in the programme flyer (circulation: 100,000).
    • July 31st, 2019
      Submission of your company profile for publication on the conference website.
    • September 27th, 2019
      Commission exhibition stand construction for possible additional services.

    On Site

    • Delivery of goods to the venue: November 18, 2019
    • Recognizable occupancy of the stand area: November 18, 2019, 5pm
    • Buildup
      • Complete Service Package booked: November 18, 2019, 3pm – 8pm
      • Self-Buildup November 18, 2019, 8am – 8pm
    • Exhibition Time:
      • November 19, 2019, 8am – 6pm
      • November 20, 2019, 8am – 7pm
      • November 21, 2019, 8am – 5pm
    • Dismantling November 21, 2019, 5pm – 11pm

    Sponsoring packages

    The conference flyer will be printed in a print run of approx. 100,000 copies and additionally distributed in electronic form. We offer you the opportunity to appear in this flyer with an exclusive advertisement.

    The DOAG Conference News will be freshly printed and handed out to every attendee. It includes suggestions, tips, the daily updated conference program and much more.

    Edition on request and availability (Day: 1 / 2 / 3). Circulation 2,000

    Price on inquiry, depending on the size of the ad. 

    Your flyer or goodie in the conference bag

    • Format: Upon consultation (A4, thinly wrapped CD, USB stick …)
    • Enclosure: Supplied by the sponsoring partner. 


    € 2,000

    Your logo printed on the lanyard, worn by the participants


    4,000 €

    The popular conference notepad for important information. It will be part of the conference bag.

    • Format: Your logo beside the DOAG Conference logo. Plus an additional A5 cover page (2 or 3) for your advertisement.


    2,000 €

    All prices shall be subject to statutory VAT. All sponsoring packages can be booked only by exhibitors.


    On-site: delivery, assembly, opening hours

    • For full packages (stand construction): Monday, 2019/11/18, 3 pm – 8 pm 
    • For exhibition space only: Monday, 2019/11/18, 8 am – 8 pm
    • November 19, 2019: 8am until 6pm 
    • November 20, 2019: 8am until 19pm
    • November 21, 2019: 8am until 5pm

    Entrance for exhibitors before the official opening hours is possible through the main entrance, one hour before official opening hours. During three days of conference it will also be possible to be at the stand until the ending of the evening event.

    November 21, 2019: 5 pm until 11 pm

    Please stick to that time, otherwise running or forthcoming events will be disturbed.

    From the highway the way to NCC East is descriped at each highway exit. Please follow the signposting in direction of Nuremberg town "Messe/NCC". Pass Karl-Schönleben-Strasse and turn right to Große Straße. Here take Gate 1 f “Tor 1f” to loading yard 4/5/6 “Ladehof 4,5,6”. Vehicles are allowed to stop there only during the time of assembly, unloading and dismantling. An employee will take a note of the time of admission and will arrange the time of exit. Moreover he will ask for a deposit, which amounts to 100.00 EUR. The deposit will be returned when leaving the zone in time. Delivery may be effected with the support of elevators. Special means of transport are recommended.

    For trucks and light van descripted parking areas are available near to the venue. Automobiles of your stand personell may park at the visitors parking areas.

    Deliveries arriving before November 18, 2019, cannot be accepted.

    Deliveries before November 18, 2019 are only possible at Spedition Schenker. The storage of exhibition materials, brochures or empties before, during or after the event in the NCC East is not possible for space reasons. The storage and collection of materials can also be handled by Schenker for a fee. Please state the extended address below for deliveries of advertising and brochure material and other items.

    NürnbergMesse GmbH/NCC Ost
    Kongress: DOAG 2019
    Messezentrum, D-90471 Nürnberg


    Contact DOAG and S.K. Messebau

    Carmen Al-Youssef Contact Partner Booking

    DOAG Konferenz + Ausstellung GmbH
    Mrs. Carmen Al-Youssef
    Phone: +49 30 400 599 917
    E-mail: ausstellung(at)

    Marcel Trebes Contact Partner Booking

    DOAG Konferenz + Ausstellung GmbH
    Mr. Marcel Trebes
    Phone: +49 30 400 599 928
    E-mail: ausstellung(at)

    Almut Kiechle-Angst Contact Booth Construction

    S.K. Messebau GmbH
    Mrs. Almut Kiechle-Angst
    Phone: +49 89 54 67 68-14
    Fax: +49 89 56 85 56
    E-Mail: akiechle(at)